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Printable page Green Riding Jacket, Skirt, and Trousers

1880 -1890 Dark Green womans ensemble [Boiled wool]
Overview: This three-piece green boiled wool riding habit for a woman, c.1886, has a label in the jacket that reads "H.M. Fahy, Philadelphia." It would have been worn for riding side-saddle. The jacket is lined with cotton sateen but the skirt is unlined. The third piece of the ensemble is a pair of green trousers.
Construction: See supplemental pages for detailed information about the jacket and skirt. The trousers are made from the same green wool and close with a button fly front with 7 buttons including 2 on waistband which rides at the top of the hip. The waistband is underlined with tan glazed linen. The seat and legs are lined with soft doeskin stitched in by hand to prevent chafing. There is also a piece of leather stitched by hand inside the right leg at knee height. The seat is very full (to accommodate side saddle) and the legs are ankle length. There are stirrups made from silk ribbon at the bottom of each leg which attach under the foot with a button and buttonhole; they keep the legs neat inside boots.
Trim: See supplemental pages.
Damage: See supplemental pages.
Tags: Has been studied and reproduced by MFA candidate
Costar #G1104