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The Costar Project User Guide

This guide describes 'The Holdings Page' and The 'Garment Detail Pages'. For a general description of the Costar Project please visit our 'About' page.

The Holdings Page

The Grid

The grid is a rectangular array of garment thumbnails. The title of the garment appears when you hold the cursor over its thumbnail for a few seconds. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to 'The Garment Detail Page'.

Searching on 'The Holdings Page'

Use the search panel at the bottom of the page if you are looking for garments of a particular period, of a particular type, or with titles matching some keyword. Open the search panel with the 'Change Search Options' button. Enter the search parameters and click on the 'Search' button. Use the 'Reset Search' button to view all garments again. The 'Sort By' pull-down determines the order of the garments in the grid.

Full Text Search.

To list garments having a particular word or phrase in their descriptions use 'The Full Text Search Page'. Use the link on the bottom of 'The Holdings Page'.


There is a scroll bar at the top of the page. Use it to scroll through all the garments matching your search request.

The Garment Detail Page

The page contains one or two images of the garment followed by a description. Pictures on the left side of the page illustrate garment details of note.

High Resolution Images
The images on the page often have limited resolution to shorten download time. Higher quality versions of the images are usually available by clicking on the image.
Title and Subtitle

The subtitle may include an estimated range of dates when the garment would have been created. The garment color is followed by its type of garment (there is a standard set of types for the archive). The fabric type appears in brackets.

Next to the title is an icon for opening a printer friendly version of this page.

Descriptive Sections

The descriptions include several standard sections such as Overview, Construction, and Provenance. Some garments have been researched in detail and additional pages have been prepared for them; these are listed in the section labeled as "Supplemental Pages".