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This pattern was taken from the original bodice. It measures 35” in the bust and 23.5” in the waist, and it has a neck opening of 12.5”. The pattern pieces are organized by the fabric that they are cut out of: batiste, gauze, and lace. The scale is 1 square = 1” which can be seen on the pattern paper with a grid.  There are three images for the pattern. Figure 1 is the pattern for the bodice, flanges and sleeve; Figure 2 is for the underbodice; and Figure 3 is for the lace inserts, yoke, and collar. 

Figure 1: Gauze Bodice, Flanges and Sleeve


Figure 2: Batiste Underbodice


Figure 3: Lace Inserts, Yoke, and Collar

 © Michelle Bentley, 2017