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Deep Royal Blue Jacket


by: Reina T. Alirez

Measurements of original garment:

  • Lapel: 6" wide
  • Center back panel, cut on the fold: 11 1/2" (total) from shoulder point to shoulder point tapering down to 2 3/4" at the waist, then widening out again to 3 1/2" to form a petal point hem.
  • Side back panels:  2 1/4" wide at the armscye; they taper down to 2" at the waist, then widen out again to 3" to create a rounded petal hem.
  • Sleeve: upper sleeve width is 10" at the bicep, it tapers down to 7" at wrist from seam line to seam line.

The scale when originally drafted was 1/8" = 1"

© Reina T. Alirez, 2007