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1890 -1895 Black and Green womans bodice [Silk]
Overview: The silk bodice, c. 1893, is made from silk with a light green floral print on a black background. The sleeve cuff, bottom edge of the over sleeve, and center front bottom of the bodice are trimmed with rows of olive green satin ribbon that is 3/8" wide. The bodice is fully boned with 11 Coraline bones and lined with brown and peach striped glazed cotton fabric. The bodice closes center front with hooks and eyes. It has a badly damaged black taffeta center front panel that wraps around the front and attaches to the proper left front with more hooks and eyes. Black lace also trims the central panel on each side. There is a curved (detached) collar of self fabric, 2" at center front and 2.5" at the back, which closes with 3 hooks and eyes, 3 rows of green ribbon. The interfaced collar has two ribbon bows on the proper left side of center back, and it is lined with black taffeta.
Construction: See supplemental pages for additional information.
Trim: See supplemental pages for additional information.
Provenance: Donated to the Costar Collection in the Department of Dramatic Art by Elise Guthridge.
Damage: See supplemental pages for additional information. The silk is deteriorating. The lower sleeve silk has mostly come off.
Costar #G1653