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Printable page Green and Brown Chrome Spun Bodice make star

1892 -1897 Green and Brown womans bodice [Silk Brocade and Satin]
Overview: The bodice has small leg-o-mutton sleeves and a 24" waist. It is made from chrome-spun green and brown silk taffeta. It is trimmed with brown satin belt, bows and a detachable collar. The bodice is flat-lined with brown polished cotton and is fully boned. Bodice has a hidden closure.
Construction: See Supplemental Pages for detailed information.
Trim: See Supplemental Pages for detailed information. There are extra scraps of this fabric in the box.
Damage: The bodice is in excellent shape and was only lightly worn. There is some deterioration under the arms.
Costar #G1422