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Printable page Brown Silk Bustle Dress

1880 -1880 Chocolate Brown womans ensemble [Silk]
Overview: This bustle dress in brown silk consists of a bodice, underskirt, and over-skirt or apron. The neckline and sleeves are trimmed with lace and the bottom edge of the bodice is trimmed with silk fringe. There is a decorative ruched "cuff' on the sleeves with a small bit of fringe at the back seam which echoes the fringe on the overskirt. The overskirt creates the bustle silhouette. Like the underskirt, the front panels are relatively flat but the back panels are deeply pleated and tied inside this skirt to create a bustle pouf. It is trimmed around the hem with fringe.
Construction: See supplemental pages.
Trim: The bodice and overskirt have been decorated in a braided fringe trim. There is lace at the collar and the sleeve hem. Also, there is cording around the neckline and sleeve hem. See supplemental pages for more information.
Provenance: Found in costume storage in the Department of Dramatic Art. It is in the Costar Collection.
Damage: This garment is in excellent condition although it has been altered.
Tags: Has been studied and reproduced by MFA candidate
Costar #G1102