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Tobacco Wool Ensemble


by: Marcy Linton

In recreating the jacket of this ensemble, I adapted the period pattern to look more appealing to the modern eye. The center front of the jacket is placed on straight of grain. Since the original ensemble was worn over a corset and the reproduction was not, the bust was lowered slightly and the waist was lowered as well.  The inside back seams were taken in slightly from the waist to the hem, to fit smoothly over a modern skirt.  The sleeves of the reproduction are two-piece, semi-fitted, and gusseted, with little ease in the cap.  This is unlike the curved period sleeve which has ease at the elbow and considerable ease on the cap. I also lengthened the hem of the jacket to fit the proportion of my figure. 

Figure 1: Reproduction Front

Figure 2: Reproduction Back

© Marcy Linton, 2002