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Making this bodice for modern wear took some adaptation.  The bodice was drapped on a size 10 dress form using the style lines in proportion to the larger size, except for the front opening which was straightened to be on grain. The bodice was boned beause the wearer would not be corseted.  Polyester taffeta was used to keep the cost down; it was flat-lined in black tremode. The body of the garment is machine-stitched and the seam allowances have been serged. The neckline and the armscye are both corded by machine, and the hem is finished with a 1” bias facing. The trim was duplicated from the original at the hem and the cuffs, except for using the machine to stitch everything. The buttons are taffeta-covered for the front closure; the was number increased to 13 to accommodate the longer opening. The buttonholes were made on a machine. Finally to accommodate movement in the narrow sleeve, a two-piece gusset sleeve was used.

© James Albrecht, 2002