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Silk Organdy Bodice


by: Becky Hyatt

In recreating this bodice, I altered and adapted the period look to fit my modern day figure.  The period bodice, being a size 2 or smaller, had to be scaled up to my size 10 bodice.  I draped the period shape on a body form padded out to my measurements.  Because of the increase in size, the scale of the ruched trim and the opening of the neck line were altered.   I made the width of the trim 3/4" smaller and the neck line opening wider to create the look of the period bodice on my body.  All the trim was applied by hand like the original garment.  The pleated trim at the neck line and the hem of the sleeve was sent to New York and pleated by machine with fabric I purchased.  Because I would not wear a corset with my bodice, I draped the front different than the period bodice pattern. Unlike the original, I don't have the empty space that needed to be filled with padded eggs.  My sleeve has a gusset allowing movement, still with minimal ease in the cap like the original.  My button holes were made using the machine instead of the hand worked buttonholes in the period bodice. 

Figure 1: Modern Version


Figure 2: Modern Version Front Figure 3: Modern Version Back
G1043reproduction2.jpg G1043reproduction3.jpg

© Becky Hyatt, 2005