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Printable page 1860s Plaid Bodice

1860 -1870 Beige and rust plaid womans bodice [Silk taffeta]
Overview: This 1860s bodice is made from light weight beige and rust plaid silk taffeta. It has been trimmed with brown china silk that has been box-pleated to form a ruche. The bodice has been sewn by machine (chain stitch) but much of the finish work is by hand. For additional information, see supplemental pages.
Construction: See supplemental pages for details.
Trim: See supplemental pages for details.
Provenance: Found in costume storage in the Department of Dramatic Art. It is in the Costar Collection.
Damage: The flat-lining of the bodice is shredding badly. The same material was used for flat-lining the sleeves and it is in much better condition.
Tags: Has been studied and reproduced by MFA candidate
Costar #G1005