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Printable page Silk Chiffon and Lace Evening Gown

1920 -1930 Royal Blue womans evening-dress [Silk Chiffon with crepe de chine lining]
Overview: This garment is the only exception to the contents of the Costar Collection. It belongs to the National Nineteenth Amendment Society in Charles City, Iowa. Jennifer Jacob, as part of her graduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill (MFA 2006) researched this garment which is of national historic significance for the Nineteenth Amendment Society. The 1920s evening gown was owned and worn by suffragist Carrie Lane Chatman Catt (1859-1947). It was made from silk chiffon and has lace insets and handkerchief skirt panels over a crepe de chine lining.
Construction: See supplemental pages.
Trim: See supplemental pages.
Provenance: This gown is in the collection of the National Nineteenth Amendment Society in Charles City, Iowa (see and was loaned to the Costar Collection for the purposes of creating a reproduction. It was worn by suffragist Carrie Lane Chatman Catt (1859-1947) who owned it during the period of her life when she traveled widely in support of universal suffrage and the League of Nations. The dress was found in a trunk of clothing and other items that were handed down to her nephew, Clarence Lane from his father, Charles Lane who was Carrie's older brother. The trunk was passed down through the family to Carrie's great-great niece, Ivadelle Lane Stevenson who donated it to the National 19th Amendment Society in the 1990s.
Damage: The dress is in very good condition and has little disintegration in the fabric. There are a few small pinholes in the silk chiffon and a few small tears in the lace. The sleeve plackets show considerable wear and the lining is in poor shape. There are two stains on the front of the dress and sweat stains under the arms. The front neck drape has been changed and the drape on the front does not hang gracefully, perhaps due to alterations. The dress has been worn for fashion shows held by the National 19th Amendment Society which may account for most of the deterioration and alterations.
Tags: Has been studied and reproduced by MFA candidate
Costar #G1321