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Printable page Mauve Ribbed Silk Bodice

1890 -1895 Pink and brown womans bodice [Silk ottoman, velvet, and ribbon]
Overview: This bodice is c.1892. Likely part of a day dress, it is made from light-weight silk ottoman, silk ribbon, silk velvet and lined with brushed cotton. The colors are pinks and browns; the ottoman is woven with both colors. It would have been worn over a corset even though it is boned. During this time a stand collar would be included, but it is missing. The revers (collar) are wide to emphasize the width of the shoulders. They are made of velvet, faced with ottoman and trimmed with silk ribbon.
Construction: The sleeves have a small puff at the top and are cut in two pieces. The bodice is structured with two darts under the bust. Two bones are on each side of the body and one is cross-stitched in the center front. There are also bones placed on the side seams and side back seams. The opening is finished with a self fabric facing piece slip-stitched to secure it. The bodice closes with hook and eye tape. See supplemental pages for additional information.
Trim: The soft ruffles edging the collar, sleeve cuffs, and bodice front are made from silk ribbon. The collar is brown velvet and there are velvet bands on the sleeves. See supplemental pages for additional information.
Damage: The standing collar is missing and there are some signs of wear. The bottom of the right sleeve is missing some trim.
Tags: Has been studied and reproduced by MFA candidate
Costar #G1247