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Brown China Silk Bodice

1893 -1898 Brown with cream print womans bodice [Patterned China silk]
Overview: Made from China silk, this patterned bodice is from the middle of the 1890s.
Construction: The lining is brown glazed cotton. This garment is a fitted under bodice with a draped over bodice and a false front. The fitted, boned, under bodice is cut in four pieces on each side. It was boned on every seam and on the center, and there are thirteen bone casings, but only six bones remain. The over bodice is draped full in front and sewn into the side seam. The over bodice is also caught into one of the under bodice front darts. The over drape in the back is controlled into four pleats brought together at center-back and released over the back and shoulders. The garment closes down center with eighteen hook and eye fasteners, including two on the collar. The false front appears from the waistline up the collar. It does not go below the waist as the over bodice does. The fabric from the false front is controlled by a bound piece of fabric at both the waistline and the neckline. There is a 1 7/8" stiffened stand collar. The sleeve is a leg-o-mutton shape with a fitted inner sleeve. The outer sleeve tapers to the wrist where there is a 1 1/2" slit to allow for the hand. The sleeve fullness is gathered into the armscye. The bodice forms a dipped curve in the front and a v-shaped point in the back. The interior seams and armscye have been finished with a hand overcast. Between the outer and inner bodice at center-front on the left side is a small, hidden interior pocket, measuring 2 3/4" wide and 2 3/8" high. For additional information, see supplemental pages.
Trim: There is a 1/2" brown moire, grosgrain ribbon which trims the collar and sleeves and forms bows at the cuffs and center-front. This ribbon is on the collar and down the front edge of the over bodice. There is also cotton lace at the collar and sleeve cuffs. The lace at the cuffs has been shirred up on two sides. For additional information, see supplemental pages.
Damage: This bodice is in excellent condition although it is fragile. A few of the bones are missing from the inner bodice.
Costar #G1012
Printer friendly garment information from the Costar collection.