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Silk Wedding Bodice

1897 -1897 Grey and White Stripes womans bodice [Silk]
Overview: This bodice is a light grey and cream striped silk taffeta. It was worn for a wedding in 1897.
Construction: The bodice front is made with a white cotton lining, fitted with two darts. The back has a center back seam with two extra side back pieces on each side. There are sixteen 1/4" bones placed in every seam. The front panels (of the taffeta) have three pleats from the waist, kept in place by seed beads in half inch increments for five inches along the fold of the pleats. Lace is gathered around the armscye and tacked to the bodice. The waist is faced with matching fabric bias; it is 1 1/4" wide, hand stitched to the lining. The center front closes left over right with hooks and eyes. The belt, pleated around the waist and made out of yellow moire ribbon, is 4" wide and closes on the left front panel of the bodice with hooks and eyes. The standing collar, not lined, is covered with organza and beaded with pearls and seed beads. At the center back, a ribbon that matches the belt is gathered into two bows and only attached on the left side of the neckline. There is also an inner fitted sleeve made out of the same cotton lining as the bodice. See supplemental pages for additional information.
Trim: See the supplemental pages.
Provenance: Worn by Mrs. Edgar Grout on June 30, 1897, according to a card pinned to garment. Found in costume storage in the Department of Dramatic Art.
Damage: There are some rust-colored stains/deposits on the lining. The lace is torn and ripping away from the armscyes. For additional information, see the supplemental pages.
Costar #G1059
Printer friendly garment information from the Costar collection.