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Navy Silk and Wool Embroidered Bodice

1905 -1910 Navy Blue womans bodice [Silk and wool]
Overview: The wool bodice is enhanced by satin ribbons and silk chiffon sleeves. Geometric shapes and designs in pale pink, blue, green, and brown have been embroidered with silk threads.
Construction: This beautiful bodice is made of wool and silk satin and has a silk bobinette yoke decorated with bouillon braid and round balls that are stitched on by hand. It looks like a silk bodice under a jacket but is actually constructed as a bodice. It is lined with silk taffeta that almost completely disintegrated. Originally it had a full under-bodice that closed up center front and was fully boned. 15 hooks and loops that alternate provide the closure. The surface, a silk "sham" bodice at the front, closes with self-fabric covered buttons and handmade button holes; there are 9 through the body of the garment and 2 at the waist. The wool "jacket" portion closes with 5 hooks and thread bars. The wool sleeves are elbow-length and have under-sleeve of silk chiffon laid over cream bobinette, similar to the yoke. A 32" long belt that is 1 1/4" wide is attached to the bottom of the bodice. Inside, a 1/4" belt is stitched to the bone at center and closes in the front with a hook and loop.
Trim: The bodice has been decorated with silk embroidery, by hand, in tan, green and teal.
Damage: The underbodice is disintegrating and the surface is fragile.
Costar #G1493
Printer friendly garment information from the Costar collection.