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Tobacco Wool Ensemble

1908 -1910 Tobacco brown womans day-dress [Wool with silk trim]
Overview: The main fabric of the ensemble, c. 1908-1910, is a loosely woven 100% wool. The jacket is flat-lined with tissue weight silk and then lined with a heavier silk. The jacket hem is weighted with surprisingly heavy weights. The trim is bias, cut from the same silk used to line the jacket. The flange at center front is gold bullion ribbon. See supplemental pages for additional information.
Construction: See supplemental pages.
Trim: See supplemental pages.
Provenance: Department of Dramatic Art Costar Archive. The label reads "O'Neill's Baltimore."
Damage: The overall condition of the dress is fragile. The fashion fabric has some moth holes throughout the skirt and jacket. The lining is completely disintegrated and fallen away in pieces from the jacket. The buttons are covered in silk, but some have become bare; two of them are missing from the back of the jacket. The satin ribbon trim is disintegrating, and the wool braid that lined the inside of the skirt hem is mostly coming off.
Costar #G2143
Printer friendly garment information from the Costar collection.